Title: Commentary on "Short Man, Sioux Indian"

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Commentary on "Short Man, Sioux Indian"

Gertrude Käsebier photographed Short Man in a very formal pose, yet we can see some of the studio in the background. You can see some framed images in the background. This image and others show a very minimalist studio, a very non-theatrical place where Käsebier could formulate her portraits but with simple backgrounds. Uncluttered. And we're able to, in this close-up image, see some of the items very close, like the badge that Short Man is wearing for the Buffalo Bill Indian police. It's indicated in some of the contracts that are on record that those who served as leaders of the Buffalo Bill Indian police were also given additional wages, so it would increase their salary per month if they participated in this leasing group to make sure that all was well with the group that was touring. They were given a monthly salary, they were fed, they were housed, they were performing with the show, but there was also the safety issue in that these men and women and children were safe while they were on the road. And so there were some leaders who were tasked with being the police officer.

Title: Commentary on "Short Man, Sioux Indian"

Speaker: Michelle Delaney, Smithsonian Institution

Recorded by: Jeremy Goodman, Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Edited by: Rebecca Wingo

Transcribed by: Hannah Vahle and Rebecca Wingo

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