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1911 Images Photographs

Ghost Dog and two family members

circa 1909-1913 Images Photographs

Frank Brave Eagle, John Shot At and Sam Good Boy

1911 Images Photographs

Willie Picket Pin

circa 1909-1913 Images Photographs

John Painted Horse

circa 1905 Images Cabinet Cards

Gordon W. Lillie and William F. Cody

circa 1909-1913 Images Photographs

Big Charger standing with woman and child

circa 1909-1913 Images Photographs

William Ghost Bear, Jas. [James?] Good Lance

September 24, 1910 Texts Periodicals

Hurry, Send Your Bid

November 5, 1910 Texts Periodicals

This is a Reproduction...

May 4, 1912 Texts Periodicals

Bonds for State Right Buyers

undated, ca. 1909-1914 Texts Correspondence

Letter from William F. Cody to J. Frank Cody, undated

December 24, 1910 Texts Periodicals

Notice to Pennsylvania Exhibitors

June 18, 1910 Texts Periodicals

The Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill Company

July 20, 1912 Texts Periodicals

Have Right to Buffalo Bill Pictures

July 1, 1911 Texts Periodicals

Buffalo Bill Negatives Not Destroyed

November 26, 1910 Texts Periodicals

Buffalo Bill Pictures Draw

March 1, 1910 Texts Records

Contract with Paul Bear Robe

March 3, 1910 Texts Records

Contract with Daniel Black Horn

September 17, 1910 Texts Periodicals

Ladies and Gentlemen

September 17, 1910 Texts Periodicals

Untitled [P. P. Craft]

September 8, 2011 Life Chronology


July 5, 1884 Texts Newspapers

The "Wild West" Combination

Life Biographies

Long Biography

January 14, 1911 Texts Periodicals

Untitled [From a letter just received]

April 3, 1911 Texts Records

Contract with Oscar Two Dog

July 30, 1913 Texts Newspapers

Buffalo Bill's Failure

September 16, 1892 Texts Newspapers

The East-End Exhibition Building