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Life Personography

Darrah, Hudson W., 1864-1929

Life Personography

Willoughby, James W.

May 14, 1892 Texts Newspapers

Untitled [Colonel Cody (Buffalo Bill) was]

Life Personography

Penney, Charles G., 1844-

Life Personography

Biographical Sketches

February 11, 1917 Texts Periodicals

The New American

July 5, 1884 Texts Newspapers

The "Wild West" Combination

October 5, 1895 Texts Newspapers

Red man's troubles aired

November 9, 1913 Texts Newspapers

Notes and Gleanings

October 4, 1895 Texts Newspapers

Indians Complain to the Commissioner

October 4, 1890 Texts Newspapers

Indians Cannot Join "Wild West" Shows

June 23, 1890 Texts Newspapers

Untitled [Pallbearers for Kill His Pony]

1896 Memorabilia Programs

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Route Diary

February 11, 1917 Texts Periodicals

New American

January 13, 1891 Texts Newspapers

Untitled [The hostile Indians]

November 16, 1890 Texts Newspapers

Indians well treated