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circa 1883 Images Posters

The Scout Buffalo Bill Hon. W. F. Cody

Life Personography

Mead, Elwood, 1858-1936

circa 1887 Images Cabinet Cards

William F. Cody

March 4, 1890 Texts Newspapers

The Wild West at the Vatican

March 4, 1890 Texts Newspapers

Indians at the Vatican

March 04, 1890 Texts Newspapers

Wild West in Rome

May 10, 1887 Texts Newspapers

London Notes

March 16, 1890 Texts Newspapers

Roman Society

June 30, 1917 Texts Periodicals

Untitled [The body of Col. "Buffalo Bill" Cody]

March 4, 1894 Texts Newspapers

Buffalo Bill

February 5, 1892 Texts Newspapers

Buffalo Bill's Indians at the Vatican

Life Personography

Biographical Sketches

1899 Memorabilia Programs

The Rough Rider, 1899

1896 Images Posters

Custer's Last Fight

circa 1899 Images Posters

Battle of Quasimas Near Santiago

1902 Memorabilia Programs

The Rough Rider Annual

March 19, 1892 Texts Newspapers

Cody's Indians Come Back

May 6, 1894 Texts Newspapers

Rough Riders of the World

Life Personography

Burke, John M., 1842-1917

February 1, 1891 Texts Newspapers

Buffalo Bill as a Brave

July 1916 Texts Correspondence

Letter from William F. Cody, July 1916

June 10, 1894 Texts Newspapers

Crowds at the Wild West Show

May 6, 1899 Texts Newspapers

Warriors of All Nations

August 6, 1892 Texts Newspapers

Old Friends