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Life Personography

Biographical Sketches

January 29, 1904 Texts Records

Shoshone Irrigation Company Agreement

October 15, 1913 Texts Correspondence

Letter from Carlo Miles to John H. Tait, October 15, 1913

September 7, 1894 Texts Newspapers

Scientists Visit the Wild West

September 8, 1913 Texts Records

Memoranda of Agreement with George K. Spoor

January 1902 Texts Records

Quit-claims Deed, January 1902

January 21, 1885 Texts Newspapers

Buffalo Bill Sues a Steamboat Company

Texts Newspapers

Buffalo Bill in "Movies"

August 5, 1892 Texts Newspapers

Children at the Floweries

August 5, 1892 Texts Newspapers

School Children at Buffalo Bill's "Wild West"

December 24, 1910 Texts Periodicals

To Amusement Promoters At Large

October 5, 1895 Texts Newspapers