Title: Indian Wars

Periodical: The Emporia Gazette

Date: Novemeber 30, 1914

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Col. W. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) Historical Pictures Company



Government Approved Moving Pictures of


Wonderfully Educational
Refought by the United States Army
Pictures that never will be reproduced

A six-reel series of Indian War pictures, in which Lieut. Gen. Nelson A. Miles, Major Gen. Jesse M. Lee, Major Gen. Charles King, Brig. Gen. Frank Baldwin, Brig. Gen. Marion P. Maus, Colonel H. G. Sickle, with the gallant Seventh Cavalry, and that greatest of scou ts, Col. W. F. Cody ("Buffalo Bill"), the most picturesque figure of our Indian Wars, are all seen with the remnants of the tribes of the Cheyennes, Brules, Sioux and Crows, reenacting the famous battles in which they wrote their names with crimson of daring days upon the scroll of immortal history.

Nothing More Picturesque, More Thrillingly Entertaining Ever Was Staged

Stamped With President Wilson's Approval

Pictures History Drama, that shows the close of three hundred years of savagery. The only photo events President Wilson, his cabinet and Washington's exclusive diplomatic and fashionable society ever visited and enthusiastically endorsed.

ELECTRIC THEATER, Tuesday, December 1

Admission Prices: Matinee, 5 and 15c. Night, 10 and 20c.
Boy Scouts in Uniform, 5c.

Title: Indian Wars

Periodical: The Emporia Gazette

Date: Novemeber 30, 1914

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