Image: The Great White Chief from Judy; or the London serio-comic journal (1867-1907)

The Great White Chief. On the occasion of Mr. Gladstone's visit to the American Exhibition, Red Shirt, the Sioux Chief, was introduced to the ex-Premier, it being explained to him that the latter was the "Great White Chief" of this country.—Vide Public Press. Six frames with captions as follows: Frame, upper left: Caption: On the dinner-bell ringing that evening, Mr. Gladstone came down with the fringe from the bed-hangings nearly sewn down the seams of his t*o*s*rs. 'Gracious! Willie, dear, what means this?" cried Mrs. Gladstone. "The correct thing, my darling," explained the Great White Chief. Frame, upper center: Caption: But in the dead of night Mrs. Gladstone, finding it rather chilly, discovered one of the blankets missing from the bed, and on making further search, Mr. W. E. G. also. He was subsequently found in the grounds tracking a stray cat by the light of the moon. Frame, upper right: Caption: The first thing next morning he took train to town, and call at Fox's. Said he to Mrs. F., "Do you sell war-paint?" "How much do you require?" asked Mrs. F. "Half a pint will be enough," said he. "We sell it in sticks," said Mrs. F.: "any wigs?" "Capital idea!? he cried; "yes, I'll take a Sioux Indian's please." Frame, lower left: Caption: The Great White Chief returned home, and soon issued forth in his war-paint. "Ugh, ugh? who are you?" said he to one of his farm menials. "Please, sur, I be one of your cowboys," replied the youth, smiling. "Then henceforth you will wear a grey shirt, slouch hat, and mocassins," cried the Chief. Frame, lower center: Caption: While at the Exhibition, the Great White Chief saw Buck Taylor, the cow-boy king, pick up small articles off the ground while riding at full gallop. "Ill try if I can't do the same," said the Chief, casting his toothpick on the sward. He tried, and couldn't. Frame, lower right: Caption: We understand that the Great White Chief lives in the hopes of eventually taking the scalps of the rival chiefs of the Commons and of Mr. Swinburne. He has constructed a wigwam at his Hawarden home, to which Fenians and photographers are always welcome.

Title: The Great White Chief from Judy; or the London serio-comic journal (1867-1907)

Creator: Chasemore, Henry William Archibald (1844-1905)

Keywords: American Indians European Tours Personages/Royalty Lakota Performers Red Shirt, 1845?-1925

Date: 1887-05-11

Type: Illustration

ID: wfc.img.ill.crt00007