Image: Broncho Bill and family

Portrait of Broncho Bill (William Irving) with his wife, Ella, and son, Bennie. Bill wears a hat, kerchief, beaded vest, button shirt, pistol on a gun belt, and beaded moccasins. Ella wears a fringed and beaded buckskin dress. Bennie wears an embroidered shirt, chaps with a pistol tuck in at waist and moccasins. Backdrop of painted trees in background. Typed caption on mat, "Broncho Bill (and Family.) Cow Boy Interpreter of the Sioux. — Buffalo Bill's Wild West." Typed caption on verso, "Anderson Photographer, 785 Broadway, Cor. of 10th, New York."

Title: Broncho Bill and family

Creator: Anderson

Keywords: Irving, William "Broncho Bill", 1856-1903 Irving, Ella Irving, Bennie Men Women Children Firearms Pistols Dresses Vests Hats Beads Indian beadwork American Indians

Date: 1887

Type: photograph

Format: 3.875 x 5.5 b&w photograph

ID: wfc.img.pho.p.69.110

Source: Buffalo Bill Online Archive MS6 William F. Cody Collection

Rights: McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West