Image: Buffalo Bill's Wild West

Printed along top edge: Buffalo Bill's Wild West, Printed along bottom: The Death of Chief Tall Bull./An Actual Historic Event at the Battle of Summit Springs, in which Col. W. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)/As Chief of Scouts Succeeded in Ending the Earthly Career of that Hostile Redskin, Printed LRC: 5370/Copyright 1907 By/The Courier Co./of Buffalo

Title: Buffalo Bill's Wild West

Keywords: American Indians Violence Tall Bull (Lakota Indian chief), 1830-1869

Publisher: Courier Lithographic Co., Buffalo, New York

Date: 1907

Type: Posters

ID: wfc.img.pst.1.69.538a

Source: Buffalo Bill Online Archive MS6 William F. Cody Collection

Rights: McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West Gift of The Coe Foundation