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July 22, 1892 Texts Newspapers

Base Ball and Mummers

circa 1907 Images Photographs

Chief Iron Tail

June 18, 1887 Texts Newspapers

The Cowboy Craze

Life Personography

Tait, John H., c.1873-1940

May 29, 1891 Texts Newspapers

An Hour with General Cody

Life Personography

Bankhead, Henry Cary

Life Personography

Duncan, Thomas

Life Personography

Burke, John M., 1842-1917

Life Personography

Biographical Sketches

May 26, 1888 Texts Newspapers

"Buffalo Bill"

October 16, 1887 Texts Newspapers

Wild West Eclipsed

1892 ca. Images Photographs

Annie Oakley

May 29, 1887 Texts Newspapers

The Biggest Man in London

May 7, 1890 Texts Newspapers

Buffalo Bill und seine Truppe in Wien

July 30, 1888 Texts Correspondence

Letter from William F. Cody to Brian Keating O'Dwyer

May 31, 1899 Texts Newspapers

Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill

Life Personography

Frenzeny, Paul

July 5, 1892 Texts Newspapers

Summer Days in England

1896 Memorabilia Programs

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Route Diary

April 2, 1900 Texts Correspondence

Letter from William F. Cody to Perkins, April 2, 1900