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October 18, 1913 Texts Periodicals

Historical Value of Buffalo Bill Series

March 14, 1914 Texts Periodicals

Buffalo Bill Picture Shown

September 27, 1913 Texts Periodicals

Chicago Letter

Texts Newspapers

Col. Cody in the East

June 27, 1887 Texts Newspapers

Buffalo Bill's Big Visitors

April 19, 1899 Texts Newspapers

Horsemen of All Nations

1896 Memorabilia Programs

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Route Diary

Texts Newspapers

Success of Picture

Texts Life Writing

Pioneer Stories

January 16, 1892 Texts Newspapers

"Charging Thunder" Sent to Prison

Texts Life Writing

Pioneer Stories

June 25, 1887 Texts Newspapers

Latest News from the Wild West

August 30, 1886 Texts Newspapers

The American in London

Life Personography

Brennan, John R., 1847-1919

1902 Images Visual Art

The Life I Love

1908 Images Visual Art

Conquest of the Prairie

1901 Images Visual Art

Buffalo Bill in Pursuit

1906 Images Visual Art

The Killing of Yellow Hand

January 23, 1894 Texts Records

Last Will and Testament of Horace C. Alger

January 31, 1906 Texts Records

Contract with Philip Dripping

1844 Texts Records

Richard Hulet to Isaac Cody