Full-text digital editions of key published works featuring William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Titles include autobiographies, biographies, western Americana, and children's literature.


Letters written to and from William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody and his numerous business and personal correspondents throughout his adult life.

Government Documents

Official documents from all levels of government concerning William F. Cody and the people and places surrounding him.

Life Writing

Biographies, autobiographies, and personal narratives written by people associated with William F. Cody, generally unpublished manuscripts or typescripts.


William F. Cody himself, The Buffalo Bill Combination and Buffalo Bill's Wild West appeared in numerous newspaper articles from 1870 to his death in 1917.


Various pamphlets and brochures concerning William F. Cody or on topics related to Cody.


A comprehensive collection of popular press articles either on topics related to Cody or written by Cody himself for the mass market.


Contents include business and legal records relating to both Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Cody's personal life.