Title: Letter from William F. Cody to C. L. Hinkle

Date: April 15, 1901

Author: Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917

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Louis E. Cooke, Gen'l Agt.
Buffalo Bill's Wild West

My. Dear Hinkle

Your favor with application for lease of school section recd— I donot know which school section this is but I am going to fill it out and lease it just the same. [2] Now Hinkle. Some time ago— I filed in the names of Charles. De Marris and my self— on the waters of the hot springs near Cody— Will you please examine these fillings and give me the laws and particulars. regarding same—this is very important for me to know at once. As I am doing something. that will be of great interest to the state—I have incorporated a company of which I am President—What will be known as—

Cody. Military. College International Academy. of. Rough. Riders.   to teach young young men all branches of Military Sceience—its taking like wild fire— Our company will commence the permanent construction of the barracks in June— And will establish a military camp in tents at once— General. E. V. Sumner [3] —U.S.A. Military Commander— in command. This Organization was to be located in Colorado— But I got it changed to Wyo— You can have this sent out by associated press from Cheyenne— if you choose—I enclose a circular of the first Co that was gotten up for Colorado— But its now all to go to Wyo— near Cody [4]

Gov. Richards is here [5]

Yours very truly

W. F. Cody


This is to certify that I have examined the foregoing application and have returned the same without my approval for the following reasons:

[?] Springs should remain unappropriated until more definite plans for use are filed.

Witness my hand this 24th day of May AD 1898

Elwood Mead
State Engineer
The State of Wyoming
State Engs Office

This instrument was received on file for record on the 24th day of Dec AD 1896 at 9—am and duly recorded in book 8 of applications on page 244.

Note 1: Buffalo Bill's Wild West performed in New York City from April 2 to April 20, 1901. [back]

Note 2: When public lands were surveyed as a precursor to settlement, certain one-mile-square sections known as "school sections" were designated. Revenue from the sale or lease of these sections was reserved to support public schools. [back]

Note 3: Edwin Vose Sumner (1835-1912) joined the U.S. Army in 1861 and fought in the Civil War. He made the Army his career after the Civil War, serving as an officer in several cavalry regiments. After serving in the Spanish-American War, Sumner retired with the rank of brigadier general in 1899. [back]

Note 4: The words "near Cody" appear to have been added later in pencil. The handwriting matches that of William F. Cody. [back]

Note 5: DeForest Richards (1846-1903) was then the governor of Wyoming. Cody may refer to his predecessor as governor, William A. Richards. DeForest Richards and William A. Richards are not known to be related. [back]

Note 6: Here begins a body of writing in pencil, not in Cody's handwriting. This material appears to be a transcription of a document written in 1898 by Elwood Mead, who was then Wyoming's state engineer, denying William F. Cody's 1896 application for water rights at DeMaris Springs. [back]

Title: Letter from William F. Cody to C. L. Hinkle

Source: McCracken Research Library (MRL), MS6.0107

Date: April 15, 1901

Author: Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917

Topic: Buffalo Bill's Wyoming

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