Title: Letter from William F. Cody to Perkins

Date: April 2, 1900

Author: Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917

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C. E. Perkins, Esq.,

Burlington, Iowa.

Dear Sir:

I am informed by H. C. Alger, of Sheridan, Treasurer of our Company, that you have inquired of him if we will give you the right of way of the segregated lands of the Shoshone Irrigation Company; and give you land enough for your local purposes on our town site of Cody. I hasten to assure you that we will do so with pleasure. Further than this, I will also guarantee that you shall have the right of way over the lands segregated to Mr. Salsbury and myself on the north side of the Shoshone River, which are subject to our ownership of the water rights of the Cody and Salsbury Canal. You may be sure of the hearty co-operation of all concerned to further the interests of the Burlington in the Big Horn Basin. You will understand that the north side canal is a very large affair for two men to handle and it may be possible that we will invite outside capital to assist our plans. In case we do this, can I assure investors that the Burlington will extend its line to Cody at a date in the near future? You can readily see that such assurance will be of great value to us, if we desire to negotiate co-operative capital.

Very truly yours,

(Sgd.) W. F. Cody.

P. S. I let the Mormons have eleven thousand acres of farming land and now they want another tract of twenty-nine thousand acres on the Shoshone river below McCullough Peak. We are receiving hundreds of letters enquiring [sic] about the country, and are getting many new settlers this spring.

(Sgd.) W. F. C.

My address:

Hoffman House,

New York.

Title: Letter from William F. Cody to Perkins

Source: Newberry Library, CB&Q collection, 33, 1890, 6.8, Big Horn Basin

Date: April 2, 1900

Author: Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917

Topic: Buffalo Bill's Wyoming

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