Title: Telegram from the Department of the Interior to Cato Sells

Date: August 26, 1913

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To Sells [1]

Commissioner of Indian Affairs

Washington, D. C.

Have just sent following telegram to Brennan [2] at Pine Ridge and desire your report also on same by wire here quote Colonel Cody desires within the next month to have a duplication for moving picture purposes of the last surrender of the Indians in your neighborhood and with General Miles and other living Army officers participating, and at the same time have pictures of the children in school, working and on the farm and otherwise industrially engaged, the whole presenting an historical event of the progress of the Indians for the last twenty years. I have told him that I saw no reason to object to this being done provided it meets with your approval and can be done in such a way as not to demoralize the Indians themselves. He says that he will care for the Indians and that some time will be necessary to train them for their part in this pagent, perhaps two weeks in. Do you see any reason

Note 1: Cato Sells (1859-1948) was a commissioner at the Office of Indian Affairs from 1913 to 1921. [back]

Note 2: Major John Richard Brennan (1848-1919) was superintendent at Pine Ridge Indian School, Pine Ridge, South Dakota, from 1900 to 1917. [back]

Title: Telegram from the Department of the Interior to Cato Sells

Source: National Archives and Records Administration: Record Group 48, Department of the Interior, Office of the Secretary, Central Classified File 1907-1936, 5-2 Indians, Moving Pictures

Date: August 26, 1913

Topics: Buffalo Bill on Film

People: Brennan, John R., 1847-1919 Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925 Sells, Cato, 1859-1948

Place: Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (S.D.)

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