Title: Letter from "D.C." to Ezekiel Jarman Ayers

Date: January 28, 1916

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Address Only The Secretary of the Interior


In compliance with your instructions of this morning, I called to see the Acting Private Secretary to the Secretary of War relative to certain reels or films, mentioned in connection with letter dated the 27th instant from Colonel W. F. Cody, and was informed that a messenger from the War Department called at the Willard Hotel and obtained from Colonel Cody, personally, a box containing six films (four made by Colonel Cody, and two others to be shown in connection therewith); it was understood that these films were for the War Department; there were no duplicates, and the set of films are now at the War College.

The letter from Colonel Cody is herewith.

D. C. [2]

Note 1: Ezekiel Jarman Ayers (1866-1931) was Chief Clerk, Department of Interior, Superintendent of Buildings, and Acting Assistant Secretary of Interior; he was appointed by Secretary of War Franklin K. Lane in 1911, serving until his resignation in 1920. [back]

Note 2: "D. C." is unidentified. [back]

Title: Letter from "D.C." to Ezekiel Jarman Ayers

Source: National Archives and Records Administration: Record Group 48, Department of the Interior, Office of the Secretary, Central Classified File 1907-1936, 5-2 Indians, Moving Pictures

Date: January 28, 1916

Topic: Buffalo Bill on Film

People: Ayers, Ezekiel Jarman, 1866-1931 Lane, Franklin Knight, 1864-1921

Place: Washington (D.C.)

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