Title: Letter from Vernon R. Day to Ezekiel Jarman Ayers

Date: March 21, 1916

Author: Day, Vernon R., 1869-1945

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Essanay Film Manufacturing Company
Geo. K. Spoor, President
G. M. Anderson, Secretary
Studios: 1333 Argyle Street
Telephone Edgewater 2476
City Office
521 First National Bank Building
Telephone Randolph 1732
All Films Manufactured and Sold by Us under the Edison Re-issued Letters Patent No. 12,192.
Dated January 12, 1904.

Mr. E. J. Ayers [1] ,

Chief Clerk,

Department of the Interior,

Washington, D. C.

MAR 23 1916

Dear Sir:-

We have received both of your letters relative to the Indian War pictures filmed on the Indian Reservation at Pine Ridge, S. D. in 1913.

We furnished a set of these films to Col. W. F. Cody who, I believe, deposited them with the Department of War, but Mr. Spoor [2] claims to know nothing about any further promise made. He has not been advised relative to any offers by any parties concerned.

Would suggest you take this matter up with the party who informed you (Col. W. F. Cody) relative to the depositing of films with the Department of Interior. If any such promise has been made it must have been made to the Honorable Mr. Lane [3] personally, and would suggest that he take it up personally with the party who made the promise.

Yours very truly,

V. R. Day [4]


Note 1: Ezekiel Jarman Ayers (1866-1931) was Chief Clerk, Department of Interior, Superintendent of Buildings, and Acting Assistant Secretary of Interior; he was appointed by Secretary of War Franklin K. Lane in 1911, serving until his resignation in 1920. [back]

Note 2: George Kirke Spoor (1872-1953) was an early film pioneer who, along with Gilbert M. "Broncho Billy" Anderson (1880-1971), founded Essanay Studios in Chicago in 1907. The Essanay Film Manufacturing Company helped organize "The Col. W. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) Historical Pictures Company." [back]

Note 3: Franklin Knight Lane (1864-1921) served as United States Secretary of the Interior from 1913 to 1920. [back]

Note 4: Vernon R. Day (1869-1945) was manager of Essanay Studies ; 'Essanay' was created from the initials of its founders, George K. Spoor and Gilbert Maxwell Aronson ('S' and 'A'). [back]

Title: Letter from Vernon R. Day to Ezekiel Jarman Ayers

Source: National Archives and Records Administration: Record Group 48, Department of the Interior, Office of the Secretary, Central Classified File 1907-1936, 5-2 Indians, Moving Pictures

Date: March 21, 1916

Author: Day, Vernon R., 1869-1945

Topic: Buffalo Bill on Film

People: Ayers, Ezekiel Jarman, 1866-1931 Lane, Franklin Knight, 1864-1921 Spoor, George K., 1872-1953 Anderson, Gilbert M., 1880-1971 Day, Vernon R., 1869-1945 Aronson, Gilbert Maxwell

Places: Washington (D.C.) Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (S.D.)

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