Title: Letter from W. E. Webb to Samuel Crawford, October 19, 1867

Date: October 19, 1867

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To his Excellency Gov Crawford
State of Kansas

We would ask that you do us the favor of appointing proper persons to hold elections in this city for the purpose of organizing Ellis County. We have the required number of voters, and are prepared should you grant our request to immediately perfect the organization.

Hays city, which you lately visited, is growing very rapidly. The R. R. has located a round House and machine shop here & the town will soon be the largest apparently west of Junction City. I have applied to you in the matter on behalf of our people, being informed it was proper for me to do so immediately.

Hoping to hear from you favorably at an early moment I remain

Yours Respectfully

W E Webb Presd't

1 p.

Webb, W. E.

Hays City, Kan. Oct. 8, 1867. (Pres. Big Creek Land Co.)
See Andrews Hist - p. 1291

With reference to the organizatiere of Ellis County.


Kansas State Historical Society 4952 Archives Department

Rec. Oct. 9, 1867.

His Excellency
Saml J. Crawford

In view of the fact that we have but three county officers now in our county we would most respectfully request your excellency to appoint the following citizens until we call an election

For County Commissioners Frank Veits

" " " Charles Morrell

For Probate Judge Hill P. Wilson

We have no Justice of the Peace one having left the State the other has not been herd for several day We would therefore recommend M. E Joyce for Justice of the Peace

By complying with our request we [?]

Caplice & Ryan - Grocers
[U.G. Newman?]
[?] Ward
J.L. Erwin
William [Rodger?]
M. [Seandan?]
Joseph Hill
Wm. Dalton
John Norton
P. Brady
James Reilly

PS Mr Ryan being the only commissioner in town please send the appointments to him


Dennis Ryan

Hays City



Ellis County,
Hays City
Oct. 19, 1868.

Petition 11 men for the appt of several county officers to fill vacancy.

Naming Hill P. Wilson, Probate Judge M.E. Joyce, Justice of Peace Frank Veits Charles Morrell County Commissioners

Kansas State Historical Society 555 Archives Department.

Ans. Oct. 20, 1868

Title: Letter from W. E. Webb to Samuel Crawford, October 19, 1867

Source: Kansas Historical Society, Records of the Governor's Office, Correspondence Files, Administration of Governor Samuel Crawford, Subject File, County Affairs-Ellis County, 1867-1868, Box 3.1, Folder 18.

Date: October 19, 1867

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