Title: Limnings

Periodical: Omaha World Herald

Date: October 5, 1895

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Visitors to the exposition last year who spent any time at the Indian department will entertain pleasant recollections of John Hollow Horn Bear. John is a stalwart Indian who has succumbed in a measure to the enervating influences of civilization.

John Hollow Horn Bear is very anxious to make another visit to Omaha and pose before admiring crowds. He is much interested in the Greater America exposition and has written to W. H. Liddlard — "Rattlesnake Peat" — in reference thereto John writes.

Rosebud Agency, March 20 — W. A. Liddlard (Pete) — Dear Sir, Your kind letter was received and was glad to hear from you. And I am going to answer it after a few minutes and I would like to go to the exposition again, and you told me you would like to, I am looking for some good men. So I am glad of it. I am sure some of the good men at this reservation. So I could found some good and I wish you would let me know if the Indian have pay for in that exposition. Then I looking for the good men and I heard about Buffalo Bill, He come to the agency for to get some good men. He take them for Wild West show. He shall come over on April 1, 1899. Well now I put some good mens names on the other papers:

John Hollow Horn Bear

Charley High Scream Eagle

Good Voice Eagle

George Eagle Road

Peter Iron Shallow

Red Bird

Good Voice Crow

Own the Dog

Louis on the Cow

These men are the best or useful in the show. They got lots clothes any thing they have. I wish you would let me know if you get these fellows. And this for my address postoffice