Title: The Theaters

Periodical: The Lexington Herald

Date: March 10, 1917

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The Theaters


Colonel William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) is dead. Civilization's progress has tamed the wild and wooly West, where he fought and killed the Redskins, faced the stampeding buffalo herds, and laughed at the rattlesnake's warning buzz. No more will this country know such thrills in real life, but — motion pictures have accomplished another triumph. They have made Buffalo Bill to live again; to battle with the Redskins as of yore; to face the stampeding buffalo herds, and to endure the perils of pioneer days, which made him the most picturesque figure in the world. Such is "The Adventures of Buffalo Bill," the only authenticated visualization of Colonel Cody's thrilling life on record, which will be presented at the Strand today. It shows "Buffalo Bill," the actual man, first in the early days of his career in the wilderness; it carries him on through his battles with the Indians; through his great hunting trips; and gives intimate glimpses of his life up until his death. Five thousand Indians and United States troops were used in filming this picture and such heroic figures of the early West as Major-General Nelson A. Miles, Major-General Jesse M. Lee and Brigadier-Generals Frank D. Baldwin and Marion P. Maus, of the United States army, appear in the picture.

In addition, Pearl White, as the American Joan of Arc in "Found Guilty," the second chapter of "Pearl of the Army," the thrilling drama of preparedness, undermaking America's secret foes. Mutt and Jeff in "The Dog Pound," animated cartoon comedy by Bud Fisher, completes the program.

Tomorrow, Jean Sothern, that charming artiste, in "Her Good Name, a photoplay of sunshine and heart throbs. — (Adv.)