Title: Noted Indian Battles Faithfully Depicted

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Verdict of Those Who Have Witnessed the Movie Pictures Produced by Col. Cody.

That the famous Indian battles as represented in the motion pictures brought to this city by Col. William F. Cody, popularly known as "Buffalo Bill," are true to life and realistic, was the opinion voiced by the large number of persons who witnessed their exhibition yesterday. The pictures were shon [sic] in the afternoon at the Columbia Theater, under the auspices of the National Press Club and last night at the Home Club. In both gatherings were a number of persons prominent in this country, and several old indian fighters and civil war veterans were included.

Col. Cody, who personally told of the work of making the pictures and the difficulties attendant thereon, explained that no attempt was made to obtain fine stagecraft, but that the only point made was to have them historically correct.

All Guests of Secretary Lane.

Last night's assemblage was composed of guests of Secretary Lane of the Interior Department and included: Mrs. Lane, Secretary of Labor Wilson, former Secretary of the Interior W. L. Fisher, Assistant Secretary of the Interior and Mrs. Jones, Senator and Mrs. Francis E. Warren of Wyoming, Senator and Mrs. Benjamin R. Tillman of South Carolina, Senator John F. Shafroth of Colorado, Representative and Mrs. William R. Smith of Texas, Representative and Mrs. James A. Frear of Wisconsin, Representative and Mrs. Addison T. Smith of Idaho, Representative and Mrs. Phillip P. Campbell of Kansas, Representative William H. Murray of Oklahoma, Representative Nicholas J. Signett of Oregon, Representative and Mrs. Clarence Miller of Minnesota, Representative William Kent of California, Representative and Mrs. James M. Graham of Illinois, Representative and Mrs. John H. Stephens of Texas, Representative and Mrs. John E. Baker of California, Commissioner of Indian Affairs and Mrs. Cato Sells, Commissioner of General Land and Office and Mrs. Clay Tallman, George Otis Smith, director of the geological survey; Thomas Ewing, commissioner of patents; J. A. Holmes, director of the bureau of mines; Dr. Van Barveneld, director mining and metallurgical exhibit of Panama-Pacific exposition; Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs and Mrs. E. B. Merritt; Franklin K. Lane, jr.; Dr. and Mrs. Sheap of Idaho and Frank Johnson of Denver.

Title: Noted Indian Battles Faithfully Depicted

Source: McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody Collection, MS6, OS Box 50, page 27

Topics: Buffalo Bill on Film

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Places: Wyoming South Carolina Colorado Texas Wisconsin Idaho Kansas Oklahoma Oregon Minnesota California Illinois Denver (Colo.)

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