Title: From Pampas to Pavement | Gauchos in London

Periodical: Daily Graphic

Date: June 11, 1892

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The thoroughfares of the City and the West End were paraded yesterday afternoon by a coachful of the representatives of a race to which a melancholy interest attached. In assembling at Earl's Court a congress of horsemen for the Chicago Exhibition, Buffalo Bill has now added to his cowboys, Indians, and Cossacks a party of Gauchos. They are melancholy men these riders of the wide-stretching Pampas. A compound of the Indian and the Spaniard, they combine with a disregard of money and an inveterate love of tobacco the imaginings of the poet and the inspirations of the musician. The Gaucho is rarely to be seen except astride his wiry long-tailed mustang. He is, indeed, rarely to be seen in any guise now except in the upper provinces of Catamarca, Corrientes, and Santiago del Estero. He can tell from the footprint whether a horse which he passed some time before has been running free or has had a rider. This Centaur of the South American prairie replaced the Indian, and is now, in turn, giving room to the colonist from Europe. His cloak is usually ragged, a large knife is stuck through the sash that girdles his waist, his hair is black and tied up in a red handkerchief under a slouch hat, his boots are formed of the skin of a horse's hind leg—the hock forming the heel—and he clanks a pair of prodigious spurs.

Such were the figures which were driven about London yesterday on a drag horsed by four greys, exciting much interest in the busy streets. The Gauchos were the guests of Mr. Kenyon, a gentleman fresh from the Argentine, who entertained them in the evening at dinner at the St. James's Restaurant, and afterwards took them to the Empire Theatre.



Reginald Cleaver.

Note: Reginald Thomas Cleaver (C. 1870-1954); Reginald Cleaver was an illustrator. He was employed on The Graphic staff from about 1893 and worked for that paper and The Daily Graphic until 1910. He was considered one of the most important Graphic artists of the Edwardian era.

Title: From Pampas to Pavement | Gauchos in London

Periodical: Daily Graphic

Source: McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody Collection, MS6, MS6.3778.051.01 (1892 London)

Date: June 11, 1892

Topics: Buffalo Bill's Wild West in Britain

Keywords: American Indians Clothing and dress Cossacks Cowboys Ethnic costume Exhibitions Gauchos Horsemen and horsewomen Indians of North America Indians of South America Scrapbooks Spaniards Traveling exhibitions World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)

People: Cleaver, Reginald

Places: Earl's Court (London, England) London (England) Pampas (Argentina)

Artist/Illustrator: Reginald Thomas Cleaver (c. 1870-1954)

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