Title: Riding Buckers

Periodical: Shooting Times and Country Magazine

Date: October 8, 1892

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We all have admired the skill with which Buffalo Bill's rough riders manage to sit apparently unrideable horses. Mr. Walter Winans has caught the very spirit of the daring act in the statuette, a photo of which we [photograph] Statuette by WALTER WINANS, Esq. MOUNTING A BUCKER. now reproduce in our columns. Indeed, it seems to us impossible to depict the event in a more life-like manner!

This statuette, we understand, is going to be sent to the World's Fair with Mr. Winans' other statuettes, for the delectation of the visitors. They will not fail to appreciate them, we are sure.

Anyone who has watched the buck-jumpers' riders' tactics will fully appreciate the position of the individual who is here preparing to mount.

Title: Riding Buckers

Periodical: Shooting Times and Country Magazine

Source: McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody Collection, MS6, MS6.3778.152.03 (1892 London)

Date: October 8, 1892

Topics: Congress of Rough Riders

Keywords: Cowboys Exhibitions Horsemen Photographs Scrapbooks Statues Traveling exhibitions Wild horses World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)

People: Winans, Walter, 1852-1920

Places: Earl's Court (London, England) London (England)

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