Title: Private Presentations in Washington of Buffalo Bill Pictures

Periodical: The Moving Picture World

Date: March 14, 1914

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Private Presentations in Washington of Buffalo Bill Pictures.

V. R. Day, manager of the city office of the Essanay Co., was in Washington, the week of Feb. 23rd, where he arranged for two private presentations of the Buffalo Bill series of pictures (taken last fall), at the Columbia Theater, that city, on Friday, Feb. 27. Handsomely engraved invitation cards, signed by Col. W. F. Cody, of the Historical Pictures Co., were mailed to a wide circle of government officials and senators and members of the House of Representatives.

Two presentations were given; one in the afternoon and one in the evening, and the handsome little theater was taxed to its seating capacity on both occasions. The pictures were viewed with wrapt interest, and much applause was given during each presentation.

Among those present were: Secretary of the Interior Lane and Mrs. Lane, Secretary of Labor Wilson, former Secretary of the Interior Walter L. Fisher, of Chicago; Assistant Secretary of the Interior Jones and Mrs. Jones, Senator and Mrs. Francis E. Warren, of Wyoming; Senator and Mrs. Benjamin R. Tillman, Senator and Mrs. John F. Shafroth, of Colorado; Representative and Mrs. Wm. R. Smith, of Texas; Representative and Mrs. James A. Frear, of Wisconsin; Representative and Mrs. Addison T. Smith, of Idaho; Representative and Mrs. Philip P. Campbell, of Kansas; Represen-