Title: Buffalo Bill in Universal Pictures

Periodical: The Moving Picture World

Date: May 15, 1915

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Buffalo Bill in Universal Pictures.

"Patsy of the Circus" is the title of a three-reel drama which has been written by Hugh Weir, well known magazine writer, for the 101 Bison Company, and upon which Henry McRae has already begun work.

As good luck would have it, the Sells-Floto Circus and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show played an engagement at Los Angeles just about the time Weir was completing the scenario of "Patsy of the Circus" and Director McRae, who is


Scene from "Patsy of the Circus" (Universal).

an old-time friend of Colonel Cody, met the manager of the Sells-Floto aggregation and through the kindly efforts of the Colonel was extended the courtesy of the circus in connection with the photoplay of the sawdust ring he was preparing to produce.

A day or two later McRae took his company into Los Angeles and during the afternoon performance Marie Walcamp, who is to portray the part of Patsy, a bareback rider in the play, made her appearance in the ring before an audience of six or seven thousand people. At the proper moment she made a tumble from her horse and, as per arrangement, the spectators rose in their seats and animatedly discussed the accident.

Wellington Playter, Sherman Bainbridge, Rex de Rosselli and other members of the 101 Bison Company were in the scene and several others that were taken, and all were enthusiastically applauded at their appearance and also at the conclusion of their work in the ring.

Colonel Cody took occasion to call the attention of the audience to the fact that they were viewing and also participating in a film play that would be produced later by the Universal company, the announcement creating great interest among the thousands who heard it.