Title: K-E-S-E Adventures of Buffalo Bill

Periodical: The Moving Picture World

Date: February 10, 1917

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ADVENTURES OF BUFFALO BILL (Essanay — Five parts). — Buffalo Bill is shown in the early days of his thrilling career as a pony express rider in the pioneer West; later as hunter of buffaloes and then as the chief Indian scout for the United States army. Appearing with Buffalo Bill in the picturization of the Indian battles which follow are Lieutenant-General Nelson A. Miles, Major-General Jesse M. Lee, and Brigadier-General Frank D. Baldwin and Marion P. Maus and other heroic figures of the pioneer days.

Historically accurate versions of the Battle of Summit Springs, the Battle of Warbonnet, Col. Cody's knife duel with the Sioux Chief Yellow Hand and his fight with Chief Tall Bull, in which the Indians were killed are shown. Five thousand United States troops and Indians participate in the battles. Buffalo Bill's later life, giving intimate glimpses of him at home and, of his great hunting expeditions, including that on which he guided the Prince of Monaco after big game in the Rockies, conclude the picture.