Title: Buffalo Bill and Bouncing Joe

Periodical: FUN

Date: October 19,1892

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"The gallant Colonel leaves us, 'never, never, never to return!' "—Vide Posters.

"Mr. Chamberlain [1] is going abroad shortly, and will not make any further political speeches this year!!" —Vide "Pall Mall."

[See Cartoon Verses, p. 167.

Buffalo Bill and Bouncing Joe


In case you should not know,
My well instructed quill
Now scribbles to tell 'tis a season of woe
When you ought to look dumpish and ill.

The news is sad, and oh!
It might go nigh to kill;
But nerve yourselves stoutly for meeting the blow,—
You are losing your Buffalo Bill!

Alas! that great hero
Of many sided skill
Is leaving the country: yes, he and his show,
And never more cheer us they will.

While Chamberlain, our Joe,—
Ah, what a bitter pill!—
Has, in spite of our feelings, determined to go
Out of England, like Buffalo Bill.

Our tears may overflow,
Our cup of grief may fill,
Yet upon us this year he no more will bestow
Written wisdom or speeches that thrill.

To part's a painful throe;
The shock is crushing;—still
We must try to survive without eloquent Joe
And the wonderful Buffalo Bill!

Note 1: Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914), a British statesman, renowned orator, and liberal politician, was Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1895 to 1903. [back]

Title: Buffalo Bill and Bouncing Joe

Periodical: FUN

Date: October 19,1892

Topic: Buffalo Bill's Wild West in Britain

Keywords: Editorial cartoons Poetry Political cartoons Social satire

People: Chamberlain, Joseph, 1836-1914

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