Title: Letter from William F. Cody to John H. Tait

Date: 1915

Author: Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917

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Klopp & Bartlett Co. Omaha
The Henshaw Hotel
Absolutely Fireproof
European Plan
T. J. O' Brien, Proprietor. Omaha, Neb. [1] [drawing]



Show notices to John Brisbin Walker. Dutton Fred Hutch and others. [2]


Winter Quarters and General Office-—Symes Building—Denver Colo.
Two Big Institutions Joined Together at One Price of Admission
Route Card Season 1915
The Sells-Floto Circus Buffalo—Bill's Original Wild West
No. 9

Date Town Railroad Miles
Mon. Aug. 2 Ottawa, Ill. Rock Island 44
Tues. Aug. 3 Streator, Ill. Burlington 16
Wed. Aug. 4 Princeton, Ill Burlington 51
Thurs. Aug. 5 Galesburg, Ill. Burlington 59
Fri. Aug. 6 Keokuk, Iowa Burlington 86
Sat. Aug. 7 Ft. Madison, Iowa Burlington 24
Mon. Aug. 9 Oskaloosa, Iowa Burlington 124
Tues. Aug.10 Washington, Iowa Rock Island 53
Wed. Aug. 11 Ottumwa, Iowa Rock Island 58
Thurs. Aug. 12 Kirksville, Mo. Wabash 74
Fri. Aug. 13 Columbia, Mo. Wabash 103
Sat. Aug. 14 Moberly, Mo. Wabash 46
Mon. Aug. 16 Clinton, Mo. M. K. & T. 113
Tues. Aug. 17 Sedalia, Mo. M. K. & T. 50
Wed. Aug. 18 Jefferson City, Mo. Mo. Pac. 3
Thurs. Aug. 19 Marshall, Mo. Mo. Pac. 79
Fri. Aug. 20 Lexington, Mo. Mo. Pac. 43
Sat. Aug. 21 Warrensburg, Mo. Mo. Pac. 85
Mon. Aug. 23 Nevada, Mo. Mo. Pac. 100
Tues. Aug. 24 Webb City, Mo. Mo. Pac. 57
Wed. Aug. 25 Aurora, Mo. Mo. Pac. 49
Thurs. Aug. 26 Springfield, Mo. Mo. Pac. 45
Fri. Aug. 27 Carthage, Mo. Mo. Pac. 84
Sat. Aug. 28 Vinita, Oklahoma Mo. Pac. 99

Note 1: This undated note was probably written before August 1915, based on the presence of the attached route card for the Sells-Floto Circus' scheduled performances in that month. [back]

Note 2: John Brisben Walker (1847-1931) had a varied career in manufacturing, ranching, real estate speculation, and journalism. His ranching and real estate activities were centered around Denver, Colorado, from about 1879 to 1889; he then moved to New York. From 1889 to 1915 he owned Cosmopolitan magazine. In June 1894 the magazine published an article signed by Cody entitled "Famous Hunting Parties on the Plains." Walker sold Cosmopolitan to William Randolph Hearst in 1915 for a large profit. "Dutton" may refer to either Samuel F. Dutton (born c. 1869), who was then the proprietor of the Albany Hotel in Denver, or his younger brother Frank R. Dutton, who helped manage the hotel. The Dutton brothers were pallbearers at Cody's funeral in 1917. "Fred Hutch" is probably Frederick Bailey Hutchinson, nephew of the famous showman James A. Bailey (1847-1906). Hutchinson served as manager for Buffalo Bill's Wild West during its final European tour, 1902-1906. [back]

Title: Letter from William F. Cody to John H. Tait

Source: McCracken Research Library, MS231.1.15a, John H. Tait Collection

Date: 1915

Author: Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917

Topic: Empire

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