Image: John Y. Nelson and family

John Young Nelson and family of Buffalo Bill's Wild West stand in front of stone block building and wood picket fence. Imprinted below photograph "ANDERSON. 785 BROADWAY, N.Y. -- JOHN Y. NELSON and FAMILY, Scout, Guide and Interpreter of the Sioux. -- Buffalo Bill's Wild West." Photographer inscription on verso "Anderson, photographer, 785 Broadway, cor. of 10th, New York." Left to right: James, Thomas, Jenny (Yellow Elk Woman), John Y. Sr., Rose (in front), Julie, and John Y. Jr. (Yellow Horse), wearing headdress.

Title: John Y. Nelson and family

Creator: Anderson, D. H. (David H.), 1827-

Keywords: Wild west shows Cabinet photographs Cartes de visite American Indians Families Beads Quillwork Headgear Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Nelson, John Young, 1826-1903 Nelson, James Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Jenny Nelson, Rose Nelson, John Young, Jr. Nelson, Julie Dakota Indians

Date: 1886

Type: Carte de Visite

Format: 4.32 x 6.59 in b&w cartes de visite


Source: Buffalo Bill Online Archive MS6 William F. Cody Collection

Rights: McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West