Title: Letter from B. F. Perkins to Bronson Rumsey

Date: January 24, 1907

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Capital $100,000.00
Bank of Commerce
Masonic Temple.
Sheridan, Wyo.
B. F. Perkins
H. C. Bostwick
Vice President.
H. C. Alger
Geo. D. Barnard & Co. St. Louis. Mo.

ans [1] Jan 28. 1907

Mr Bronson Rumsey,

Buffalo, N. Y.

Dear Sir

Can you tell me how many acres of land is included in the Cody Townsite, & number of acres adjoining the Town now being managed by the Lincoln Land Co. How much has been paid to you as trustee for the 7 owners of the 1/2 interest, & how much, if any, is now in your hands as trustee?

I wish to get some idea of the extent of this property, and the value of the interest held by Mr. Alger. Is there any incumbrance, or condition , of any kind, attaching to Mr. Alger's interest, and how is this interest evidenced?

In your judgment what is the value of the 1/7 of 1/2 interest owned by the Alger Estate?

Thanking you for your trouble, and assistance in this matter.

I am Very Truly Yours

B. F. Perkins

administrator Estate H. C. Alger deceased.

Note 1: The handwritten 'ans' at top left likely indicates the letter was answered on January 28, 1907. [back]

Title: Letter from B. F. Perkins to Bronson Rumsey

Source: McCracken Research Library, MS407 Bronson Rumsey Collection, MS407.1.09.02

Date: January 24, 1907

Topic: Buffalo Bill's Wyoming

Sponsor: Supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, a program of the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources.

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