Title: Business letter from Jacob "Jake" M. Schwoob, Cody Trading Company, to Lyman M. Bass, Marine Bank

Date: May 4, 1917

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Cody Trading Co.
It Pays to Pay Cash
Wholesale and Retail
Cody, Wyoming.
J. M. Schwoob M'g'r.
Established 1898
Groceries, O. V. B. Hardware, Majestic Ranges, Retort Heaters, Enameled Ware and Anti-Rust Tinware, Cutlery, Canvas Goods, Tents, Harness and Saddles, Oliver Plows, Studebager Wagons and Buggies, Deering and McCormick Machinery, Stackers and Sweeps, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Sweet-Orr Corduroys, Staley Underwear, Kuppenheimer Clothing, Refrigerators, Oils and Paints, Crockery, Glassware, Trunks, Suit-Cases, Bedding and Sporting Goods and Furnishings.

Mr. Lyman M. Bass,

1330 Marine Bank Bldg.,

Buffalo, N.Y.

Dear Sir:

I enclose statement of the George Bleistein account, as requested by you in your letter of the 21st ult. On account of the Cody Trading Company store burning in 1913 we are unable to furnish some orders in the shape of letters or telegrams from Mr. Bleistein, instructing me to make certain payments for him. These letters were destroyed in the fire.

The items charged against Mr. Bleistein's account were authorized either by letter or verbally. For instance, the items for money expended on his 30 acres of land at Cody, were authorized verbally some years ago, he instructing me to look after it and get it in shape. I did so, always charging the account for any material furnished, and for any payments made to laborers; also any payments to the Cody Canal Association for water assessments, and to the City of Cody and County of Park and Big Horn, for taxes.

The payments made to John Reckless Davies were made on instructions from Mr. Bleistein, and are his proportion of the cost of the assessment work on what is called the South Fork Mining property.

The charge of May 2, 1913, is in payment of dog and express on the same, which Mr. Bleistein requested me to buy, as per his telegram of April 23, 1913. And my reply of April 25th, and his return reply of April 30th. which I enclose

The charge of January 31, 1914, was authorized in telegram from Mr. Bleistein, dated April 23, 1913, which is enclosed.

The charge of August 9, 1913, cash $2500, is covered by a paid draft, which I enclose. I attach telegrams from to Mr. Gerrans and from Mr. Bleistein, re-   garding the same.

The charge of August 19, 1913, cash $1500, is to offset a credit of August 7, 1913, $1500, being a credit made at the time I drew a draft on him for which credit was made at the time the draft was drawn. It had to be charged back when the draft was returned unpaid. I enclose the draft dated August 5, 1913, $1500, which Mr. Bleistein did not pay and returned. Also attached to this is his telegram of August 13, 1913, requesting me to take care of it.

The other items on the statement were for various payments in connection with handling the farm, etc.,

If there is any further information that you need I will be glad to furnish it. We are taking these enclosures out of our files and not keeping copies of them.

Yours truly,

Cody Trading Co


Title: Business letter from Jacob "Jake" M. Schwoob, Cody Trading Company, to Lyman M. Bass, Marine Bank

Source: McCracken Research Library, MS407 Bronson Rumsey Collection, MS407.1.12.16

Date: May 4, 1917

Topic: Buffalo Bill's Wyoming

People: Bleistein, George, 1861-1918 Schwoob, Jacob M., 1874-1932

Sponsor: Supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, a program of the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources.

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