Title: Cody Trading Company account statement for George Bleistein, 1913-1917

Date: February 27, 1917

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(The Big Store)
Wholesale and Retail General Merchandise
J. M. Schwoob, Manager
Cody, Wyoming., ______________191___
Groceries, Shelf Hardware, Majestic Ranges, Retort Heaters, Lisk Enameled Ware and Anti-Rust Tinware, O.V.B. Cutlery, Tents, Canvas Goods, Harness and Saddles, Oliver Plows, Studebaker and Webster Wagons, and Buggies, Deering and McCormick Machinery, Stackers and Sweeps, Dry Goods, Putnam Boots, Shoes, Sweet-Orr Corduroys, Staley Underwear, Alfred Benjamin Clothing, Paints and Oils, Crockery, Glassware, Trunks, Suit Cases, Bedding, Sporting Goods, Automobiles, and Automobile Supplies.


MGeorge Bleistein,

Buffalo, N. Y.

TERMS: All bills payable the first of each month. Interest 1% per month thereafter. No goods charged if not paid by 15th.

35426 Nebraska Printing Co., (Inc) Sales Book Manufacturers, Lincoln, Neb.

Date Articles Debit Credit Balance
Feb13, 13 Account rendered at time of fire, $1425.70
March 24, 13 Telegram regarding elk head, .60
May 2nd, 1913 Express on aerdale dog, 3.65
1 Aerdale Dog from Mr. Mullendore, 10.00
May 31st, 1913 Potatoes, to seed farm, 6.00
Jan 31, 1914 Assessment work on South Fork Mine, 100.00
1913 Taxes on Farm, 75.43
1914 Taxes, 89.35
Sept 13, 1914 Protest on draft returned, 3.02
August 9, 1913 Cash, 2500.00
August 19th, 13 Cash, 1500.00
July 10th, 1915 Potatoes for seeding farm, 19.07
Nov. 23rd, 1913 Plowing, ditching and picking rocks, 18.25
HH Schwoob, Cleaning ground on farm, 17.25
August 9th, 1915 Interest on $987.29, 1/1/12 to 2/13/13 54.28
Interest on $1425.70 2/13/13 to 8/9/15 204.70
Interest on $2500.00 8/9/13 to 8/9/15 300.00
October 2nd, 1915 Cutting Oats, 14.00
October 22nd, 1915 Coal for Thresher, 3.23
December 31, 1915, Hogg & Graves Plowing, 33.75
Sacks, 15.00
Threshing, 15.00
Taxes, 1915, including, Canal Assessment 15.00
October 16, 1916 Fence Posts, 15.50
October 25, 1916 Interest on $3218.97 8/9/15,
to $10.25.16,
233.35 $6753.68
Oct 31, 1913 Potatoes, $14.25
Nov. 22, 1913 Potatoes, 35.10
May 22nd, 1913, Dividend, 1000.00
August 7, 1913 Cash, 1500.00
December 31, 1913 Oats, 115.20
October 16, 1916 Rent, 75.00 2739.55
Interest on $3218.17, 10/25/16
to 2/27/17 . @ 6%

State of Wyoming)
) SS
County of Park )

J. M. Schwoob, being first duly sworn deposes and says he is manager of the Cody Trading Company, a corporation, located at Cody, Park County, Wyoming, whereas such manager has control of the business of said corporation, and that he has examined the foregoing statement and items of account owned by the Cody Trading Company against, Mr. George Bleistein, and that the same is full, true, complete and correct.

J. M Schwoob

Subscribed and sworn to before me this twenty seventh day of February, 1917 A.D.

CC Melton
Notary public

Please examine carefully and advise promptly of any errors or omissions.

Title: Cody Trading Company account statement for George Bleistein, 1913-1917

Source: McCracken Research Library, MS407 Bronson Rumsey Collection, MS407.1.12.15

Date: February 27, 1917

Topic: Buffalo Bill's Wyoming

People: Schwoob, Jacob M., 1874-1932 Bleistein, George, 1861-1918

Sponsor: Supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, a program of the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources.

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