Title: Letter from William F. Cody to C. L. Hinkle

Date: August 25, 1902

Author: Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917

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Buffalo Bill's Wild West

My. Dear. Hinkle.

Many thanks my dear friend— Hope to be able to make good some day for your many acts of kindness Yes Mike is still on his job. having a good time— and he is a good fellow— he says remember him. [2]

Do your prettiest to land Pels if he shows up. A man who could handle the Maxwell Grant near two million acres is a good man for Wyo. [3]

Regards to Govenor— and others [4]

Your friend

W. F. Cody


Buffalo Bill's Wild West

The Dalles, Oregon 1902 Aug 25 1230PM

[stamp]Postage stamp, red

United States Postage 2 Two Cents 2

C. L. Hinkle




Note 1: Buffalo Bill's Wild West performed in The Dalles, Oregon, on August 25, 1902. [back]

Note 2: Probably Michael R. Russell (1847-1930), a long-time friend of William F. Cody who then resided in Deadwood, South Dakota. Cody and Russell became friends after meeting in Kansas in the 1860s. Russell moved to Deadwood in 1877 and took up business interests that included saloon-keeping and mining operations. About 1895, Russell sold Cody a herd of horses and the "TE" brand, which Cody used to establish his TE Ranch southwest of Cody, Wyoming. [back]

Note 3: Martinus Petrus Pels (c. 1837-1906), a Dutch businessman, had served as general manager of the Maxwell Land Grant Company from 1888 to 1894. This company administered what was then one of the largest private land holdings in the United States, over 1.7 million acres in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. William F. Cody's letter to Hinkle dated August 18, 1902, indicates that Cody hoped to persuade Pels to invest in the Cody-Salsbury Canal. Cody was ultimately unable to persuade Pels to make the investment. [back]

Note 4: DeForest Richards (1846-1903) was then the governor of Wyoming. [back]

Title: Letter from William F. Cody to C. L. Hinkle

Source: McCracken Research Library (MRL), MS6.0143.01-.02

Date: August 25, 1902

Author: Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917

Topic: Buffalo Bill's Wyoming

People: Hinkle, Lorin Curtis, 1869-1931 Richards, DeForest, 1846-1903 Pels, Martinus Petrus, approximately 1837-1906 Russell, Michael R. "Mike", 1847-1930

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