Title: Letter from William F. Cody to George T. Beck

Date: May 7, 1896

Author: Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917

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Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders.
of the World.

Col. W. F. Cody. (Buffalo Bill), President.


Nate Salsbury. Vice-President & Manager.

John M. Burke. General Manager.
Albert E. Sheible, Business Manager.
Jule Keen, Treasurer.

My Dear George

I guess Salsbury and my self will have to put up from this on— And if we do we must have stock issued to us for the money we put— we must finish up the 25,000 acres— Now while we are at it but do as much work as possible with the graders and use our own horses— so that it will not take ready capital. Now George— You know that you— Alger and my self took $2500 worth of stock for what we had done up to takeing in others and organizing first Co— am I right now since that I figure that I have paid in up to date— hire of teams &c $13,500. this does not include first $2,500 worth of stock— for this Salsbury and I each have $5.000 worth of stock— I sent Nagle Bro [2] $500— I expect will have to send Alger 5 or 6000 to pay off 10th May pay roll— I cant hear from any one how much it is— so you see George Salsbury & my self must have $10,000 worth of stock more   Send in to Alger a statement of how I stand— So we can fix this stock question up— Please attend to it soon as possible—

Your friend


Note 1: Buffalo Bill's Wild West performed in Richmond, Indiana, on May 7, 1896. The day's entry in the 1896 Route Diary: "Richmond, Ind. / Thursday, May 7. Arrived in town at 6 A. M. Weather fine. / Lot, corner 19th and F streets; two-mile haul. / Arena, 185 x 360. / Business in the afternoon fair, in the evening fair." [back]

Note 2: "Nagle Bro." refers to F. A. Nagle and S. V. Nagle of the firm F. A. Nagle Commission Merchants of Chicago who attempted to recruit settlers to the lands that were to be irrigated by the Cody Canal. [back]

Title: Letter from William F. Cody to George T. Beck

Source: University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center, Buffalo Bill Letters to George T. Beck (Acc. #9972), ah031340-41

Date: May 7, 1896

Author: Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917

Topic: Buffalo Bill's Wyoming

People: Beck, George Washington Thornton, 1856-1943 Nagle, S. V. Nagle, F. A. Salsbury, Nathan, 1846-1902 Alger, Horace Chapin, 1857-1906

Place: Shoshone Irrigation District (Wyo.)

Sponsor: Supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, a program of the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources.

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