Title: Plan of the battle-field of Summit Springs, Colorado

Date: July 22, 1910

Author: Price, Hercules Horn

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No. Table of References.

1. Palisade or Elephant Rock

2. High Mesa or Table Land rising from Ravine below to about 200 feet.

3. Entrenchment of 4 Companies 5th U.S. Cavalry, behind this low ridge, in battle with party of Indians from Indian Camp.

4. 3 Gaps in same Ridge of Ravine.

5. Band of Indians from Hostile Camp, going in the direction of the Platte river "Tall Bull," a Sioux Chief in command.

6. This is the place where "Buffalo Bill" Killed "Tall Bull", a Sioux Chief, at a distance of 300 yards. Bill's position was on the left of the line of troops engaged - and where the celebrated Race-horse of the Chief was captured - and which was presented to Bill for his splendid shot.

7. Charge of the 4 Companies (previously engaged) towards Hostile Camp.

8. Charge of the Pawnee Scouts, cutting the Hostiles off and flanking their left.

9. Charge of main body of 5th U.S. Cav's toward Indian Camp.

10. Bluff at head of Ravine, overlooking Camp of Hostiles, and on top of this Bluff, all the dogs that followed the soldiers of the 5th Cavalry, were lined up on this Bluff and looking down at the fight going on - They would not fraternize with the Indian dogs which were below.

11. Tent where Mrs. Weitchell, who was shot in the breast, was attended by the Surgeon of the Command. She was afterward taken to Fort Sedgwick for medical treatment. Near the tent where Mrs. Wetchell was attended by the surgeon, is the grave of Mrs. Susanna Alderdice, who was also a captive with Mrs. Weitchell - both women were shot by a chief and only Mrs. Weitchell survived. Mr. Eli Feigler of Salem, Oregon, is a brother of Mrs. Susanne Alderdice-

12. Springs.

13. Broken Cañon.


Broken Cañon.

Direction of Camp, about S.S.E.


Bivouac of the 5th U.S. Cavalry on night preceding battle

Vicinity of South Platte River & Julesburg.

South Fork of the Platte River.

Plan of the Battle-field of "Summit Springs" in N.E. Colorado, on Sunday, about noon, of July 12, 1869. The whole of the 5th U.S. Cavalry engaged, together with the Pawnee Scouts. The whole under the command of Major Eugene A. Carr, 5th U.S. Cav. (now Brig. Genl, U.S.A. (Retired) . This sketch made from memory by the undersigned, a Corpl of Co. G. 5th U.S. Cavs and member of Acting Signal Corps, under direction of Lt. Greeley / now Maj. Genl, U.S.A. (Retired), afterward promoted to Sergt. same Co. & Regt. and who joined in the main charge of Camp

(Signature) - Hercules Horn Price - formerly 1st Lieut. 5th U.S. C.J. (Civil War) - -(Company B) also in Stoneman's Independent Brigade (Civil War) also in General service detachment as clerk and [?] assistant U.S.A. Nearly 19 years service is US Army [?] my 77th year of age

Veteran's Home,
Napa County, Calif.
July 22, 1910.

Title: Plan of the battle-field of Summit Springs, Colorado

Source: Kansas Historical Society, Item Number: 219431, Call Number: Historical collections: Lincoln County, KSHS Identifier: DaRT ID: 219431

Date: July 22, 1910

Author: Price, Hercules Horn

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