Title: The Duke Alexis's Buffalo Hunt—Grand Sport on the Plains—The Hunting Camp, Indians, Soldiers

Periodical: The Sun

Date: January 15, 1872

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The Duke Alexis's Buffalo Hunt—Grand Sport on the Plains—The Hunting Camp, Indians, Soldiers.

North Platte, Nebraska, January 12—Alexis and party arrived here this morning at 7 o'clock, and took breakfast on the on the cars at an early hour. Ambulances and light wagons for baggage, and a carriage for the Grand Duke met the party, and they started immediately for camp. The permanent camp for the buffalo hunt is on Red Willow creek, about fifty miles southwest of this post. The camp consists of two hospital tents, ten wall tents and a tent for servants.

Three of the wall tents are floored, and the Grand Duke's is carpeted. Box stoves and Sibley stoves are provided for the hospital and wall tents. The hospital tents are to be used as dining tents. An extensive culinary outfit was taken; also 10,000 rations each of flour, sugar and coffee, and 1,000 pounds of tobacco for the Indians. Company K. second cavalry, Capt. Egan, is at the camp, and have everything in the best possible order. Company K, second cavalry, Lieut. Stover, acts as escort for the party. The whole is under the command of Gen. Palmer, of Omaha barracks. Lieut. Hayes is quartermaster of the expedition. Mr. Cody ("Buffalo Bill") met the party here. A relay of horses is at Medicine Creek, about half-way to the camp. The party expect to make the trip in eight hours.—Buffaloes are in great numbers within ten miles of the camp. A few hours ago four hundred Indians were expected at the camp with their families, and others were coming in rapidly. It is expected that war parties of Spotted Tail, Whistler, War Bonnet and Black Hat will be there, with their respective chiefs and bands.—After the hunt there will be a grand Indian war dance, and provisions will be presented to the Indians if they behave themselves.

Grand Festive Preparations.

St. Louis, Mo., January 15.—The Legislature of Missouri has adopted a resolution for the appointment of a committee, consisting of six members of the House and four of the Senate, to which the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House were added, to make arrangements for the reception of the Grand Duke Alexis and suite at the State capital on their return from the buffalo hunt.

The steamer Great Republic, which is to convey Alexis and his suite to New Orleans, will undergo some changes for the purpose. Two of the large staterooms will be thrown into one, newly carpeted, and furnished with a set of chamber furniture. A billiard table will be placed in the rear cabin, and other arrangements made to break the monotony of the trip. Besides the suite, none but the officers of the boat will be allowed on board during the passage. Especially will all newspaper men be excluded, a special agreement having been made to this effect.