Title: Among The Indians | Hostiles Reported Nearing the Agency

Periodical: Arizona Republican

Date: January 9, 1891

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Hostiles Reported Nearing the Agency. Old Red Cloud Talks With General Miles.

Buffalo Bill Heartily Greeted by a Number of the Reds—Alarm in Idaho.

PINE RIDGE, January 8.—At the suggestion of Buffalo Bill, General Miles tonight sent out scouts to ascertain who the Indians are that have been seen at the head of Snake River south of the Nebraska. Late tonight it is feared 300 Indians said to be coming, are in camp three miles from the agency.

PINE RIDGE AGENCY, January 8.—Agent Roger was removed today by the Department of the Interior, and Captain Pierce, of the First Infantry, succeeds him. Rogers says his removal was brought about by political influence and that no charges could be brought against him.

General Miles' view of the situation is about as follows: There are 300 or 400 in the hostile camp who are trying to influence the remainder not only to remain out, but to fight. General Miles hopes the better element will prevail and destroy the influence of these wicked Brules. On this account he is exercising patience. General Brooke advises General Miles that many of the principal men and chiefs will visit Miles tomorrow.

The position of the various forces in the field was changed somewhat today, the effect being to narrow the circle in which the hostiles are now gathered. It was reported that General Miles would hold a conference today with Red Cloud but he has decided to hold no more talks with the aged chief. The arrival of the old man is considered an evidence of his good faith as is also an effort he made yesterday to save Lieutenant Casey's life by warning him of danger.

Red Cloud tells of a fight between the Ogallalas and Brules shortly preceeding the killing of Casey. The former made an attempt to return to the agency, the Brules objecting. This morning about 200 of the Ogallalas succeeded in getting away and came into the agency.

Young-Man-Afraid-of-His-Horses with several members of his band returned today from their friendly visit to the Crows and were granted an audience by General Miles.

Buffalo Bill arrived from Rushville at noon and had a talk with Miles. He was warmly greeted by several hundred Indians. He informed General Miles that the Nebraska militia have extended their lines toward Pine Ridge and mounted men patrol between the several companies so that no Indians may pass through the lines. General Miles approved the arrangement.

Old Red Cloud determined to leave the hostile camp last night and with his wife walked sixteen miles to the agency, getting there this morning. He used every endeavor to prevent the murder of Casey yesterday and even sent a scout to warn him of the danger. Casey had turned and was returning toward the military camp when a cowardly Brule shot him in the back of the head. One of the wounded squaws died today. She was shot in seven places. The chief surgeon directed the amputation of one limb, but when the bucks outside heard of this they protested so loudly that the amputation was given up.

Title: Among The Indians | Hostiles Reported Nearing the Agency

Periodical: Arizona Republican

Date: January 9, 1891

Keywords: American Indians Amputation Brulé Indians Crow Indians Indian women Indians of North America Military camps Military men Oglala Indians Scouts (Reconnaissance) United States. Army. Infantry, 1st United States. Department of the Interior United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Pine Ridge Agency

People: Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925 Red Cloud, 1822-1909

Place: Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (S.D.)

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