Title: Funeral of Frank Richmond

Periodical: The Sun

Date: April 28, 1890

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Funeral of Frank Richmond.

The funeral services of James E. Twitchell, better known as Frank Richmond, the lecturer of Buffalo Bill's Wild West, took place at Greenwood Cemetery yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Rev. Dr. Canfield of the Church of Our Father read the service of the Universalist Church and a selection from Col. Robert G. Ingersoll's oration at the grave of his brother-in-law.

Frank Richmond had a wonderful voice. It was a clear, rich baritone, full and round, of great power and penetration. Several times, it is said, efforts were made to secure his services as Recording Clerk in the House of Representatives. In the fall of 1882 he took the position of lecturer for the Wild West, and was with the show in Barcelona, Spain, at the time of his death there last January. Thousands who have heard him at the great open-air show have been struck with the ease and distinctness with which every syllable he uttered could be understood.

While in London this voice attracted the attention of Dr. Mackenzie, the throat specialist, who attended Emperor Frederick of Germany. Dr. Mackenzie made a special examination of Richmond's throat and vocal apparatus, and pronounced them the most singularly developed he had ever seen.

Before his connection with the Wild West Richmond was an actor. He was a son of the late Dr. Henry Twitchell of Williamsburgh.