Title: "Buffalo Bill" to Feature in Historical Moving Pictures

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"Buffalo Bill" to Feature in Historical Moving Pictures


The announcement that William F. Cody ("Buffalo Bill") is arranging to reproduce, in moving pictures, the early Western scenes, is hailed with delight by the American public, which never tires of accounts of the thrilling events that make up the history of what was once known as the Wild West.

The introduction of moving pictures into historical records means that a vivid understanding of what really happened will be handed down to future generations. What the eye sees the brain retains to a greater degree than words can convey.

What the West is today is largely due to the hardships and dangers suffered in the early days by the sturdy pioneers most of whom have passed away. Among the famous characters whom our historians depict, none had a more spectacular career, nor became more famous than Buffalo Bill. It is for this reason that in these days of peace and prosperity we are fortunate to still have with us this noted character, and that he is hale and hearty and able to re-live, for historical purposes, the scenes that were possible only to the energetic, brave, strong pioneers who struggled with a wild, untamed territory in order to pass down to posterity a land rich in all that goes to make man a home of contentment and plenty.

This undertaking is not an ordinary moving picture enterprise. No movie actors will be employed, but the original characters will enact the scenes on the very spot where the events occurred. These pictures will live forever as the most wonderful historical records of all time.

According to telegrams from General Miles the days of Indian fighting and border warfare will be represented by practically every living man of importance connected with the winning of the West. There will be in addition to General Miles, Brig. Gen. Marion P. Maus, now in command of the Department of the Columbia; Brig. Gen. Frank D. Baldwin, Maj. Gen. George M. Randall, Maj. Gen. Jesse M. Lee, Maj. Gen. Charles F. Humphrey, Maj. Gen. Charles King, Maj. Guy Preston and possibly William A. Strunk, now stationed in command at Chicago; troops of American soldiers and bands of real Indians.

Realizing the great importance of this enterprise, marking, as it does, an era in historical records, Denver Weekly Post has arranged to send a personal representative to the scene where the pictures will be taken to secure for this paper photographs and accounts of what occurs. These stories and pictures will be reproduced in future issues, and in themselves will constitute history worth saving. The first pictures and stories will appear in the next few weeks. Watch for them.

Title: "Buffalo Bill" to Feature in Historical Moving Pictures

Source: McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody Collection, MS6, OS Box 50, page 3

Topics: Buffalo Bill on Film

Keyword: Denver Post

People: Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925 Maus, Marion P. (Marion Perry), 1850-1930 Baldwin, Frank Dwight, 1842-1923 Randall, George Morton, 1841-1918 Lee, Jesse M. Humphrey, Charles Frederic, 1833-1926 King, Charles, 1844-1933 Preston, Guy Strunk, William A.

Place: Chicago (Ill.)

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