Title: Indian Wars

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The Indian wars for fifty years
On stream and vale and hill
Are now produced with moving slides
By brilliant Buffalo Bill!
And here we see the ghost dance craze
Where Indians plan to kill
The cavalry of Uncle Sam
When led by Buffalo Bill!
And in the Miles campaign we see
Baldwin o'er rock and rill,
While shooting down the Indian braves
Charging with bold Buffalo Bill!
And here is Merritt, Carr, and King,
With troops of desperate will,
That slashed the Indians right and left
In front with Buffalo Bill!
Pine Ridge and Wounded Knee can tell,
And also old Fort Sill,
How troopers over mount and plain
Dashed on with Buffalo Bill!
And when their chief, bold Yellow Hand,
Challenged with hate and skill,
He met his fate instanter
And fell by Buffalo Bill!
And Sitting Bull at last defied
Our troops with tyrant will,
But soon was killed in action
By Miles and Buffalo Bill!

-John A. Joyce, in Washington Post.