Title: Conservative Meeting at Woodbridge

Periodical: The Ipswich Journal

Date: May 6, 1887

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A meeting was held at the Lecture Hall, Woodbridge, on Wednesday evening, under the auspices of the District Conservative Association, Lord Rendlesham [1] presiding. The principal speakers were Lieut.-Col. R. H. Lloyd-Anstruther, [2] the member for the division, and Lord Elcho, the senior member for Ipswich.

The gallant Colonel devoted his address to the Irish question, contending that the system pursued by the Opposition in regard to the Crimes Bill presented an example of obstruction in its worst form. However exaggerated the reports of crime in Ireland might be, there undoubtedly existed in that country a most deplorable state of affairs, demanding the measure of repression proposed by the Government.

Lord ELCHO, M.P., [3] in the course of a spirited address, remarked that Mr. Gladstone, rather tired of obstruction and his allies in the House of Commons, went for a little recreation at the American Exhibition, and there he saw Buffalo Bill perform, and having seen Buffalo Bill perform, he made Buffalo Bill a speech, much to his surprise. After that, he was introduced to two great chieftains from the west, whose names, he believed, were Red Shirt and Blueskin, [4] and to them he made a speech, but this time through an interpreter. Fancy Mr. Gladstone's exuberant verbosity being filtered through an interpreter. (Laughter.) He had no doubt that Mr. Gladstone having made this speech to them would have expected that Blueskin and Red Shirt would pass a unanimous vote of confidence in his policy, and of condemnation of the coercion of the Conservative Government, but having asked them whether they thought there was that good feeling which ought to exist between America and England—kindred nations—Blueskin and Red Shirt, through their interpreters, said they knew nothing about it, and they did not seem to care much more. (Laughter.)

Addresses were also delivered by Mr. HERMAN BIDDELL [5] and other gentlemen.

Note 1: Lord Rendlesham is a title of Irish peerage, held in 1887 by Frederick William Brook Thellusson (1840-1911) who was the 5th Baron Rendlesham and a British Conservative politician. [back]

Note 2: Robert Hamilton Lloyd-Anstruther was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the British Army and a Conservative Party politician. [back]

Note 3: Lord Elcho was Francis Richard Charteris (1818-1914), 10th Earl of Wemyss, and a British Whig politician. [back]

Note 4: Blueskin is not identified. [back]

Note 5: Herman Biddell (1832-1917), first secretary of the Suffolk Horse Society, was a landowner, farmer, and a recognized expert on the Suffolk horse breed. [back]

Title: Conservative Meeting at Woodbridge

Periodical: The Ipswich Journal

Date: May 6, 1887

Topics: Buffalo Bill's Wild West in Britain

Keywords: American Indians England. Parliament. House of Commons

People: Biddell, Herman Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898 Red Shirt, 1845?-1925

Places: England Ipswich (England) Ireland Woodbridge (Suffolk, England)

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