Title: What Is Going on in the Theatrical World

Periodical: New York Herald (Paris Edition)

Date: April 16, 1891

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THE Red Star ss. Switzerland, which arrived at Antwerp on Wednesday from Philadelphia, brought Major John M. Burke, seventy Indians, and twenty white people of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Company.

Among the palefaces are "Johnnie Baker," Miss Della Farrell, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Comrie, Mr. and Mrs. George C. Crager and John Nelson. Of the Indians in the list of passengers of the Switzerland, the following are some of the more characteristic and poetic names:— Comes-Out-Holy, Two-Bonnet, Brings-Yellow-Horses, Fog, Holy Bird, Both-Sides-White, Pull-Him-Out, Her Blanket, Plenty-Blankets, Wounded-With-Many-Arrows, Run-Along-Side-Off, Close-to-Home, Hard-to-Hit, Mrs. Crow Cane, Know-His-Voice, Coming Grunt, Bring-the-White, Mrs. Call-the-Name.

On reaching Antwerp the party took a special train for Strasburg, near which place the rest of the Wild West Company have been wintering.

Title: What Is Going on in the Theatrical World

Periodical: New York Herald (Paris Edition)

Source: McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West , MS6.3772.021.02 (Crager scrapbook)

Date: April 16, 1891

Topic: Lakota Performers

Keywords: American Indians Atlantic crossings Cowgirls Indian women Passenger ships Railroad travel

People: Baker, Lewis H., 1869-1931 Nelson, John Young, 1826-1903

Places: Antwerp (Belgium) Philadelphia (Pa.) Strasburg (Germany)

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