Title: "The Wild West"

Periodical: Cape Argus

Date: July 2, 1892

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"The Wild West."

The latest addition to the constantly increasing number of clever horsemen of all nations at Buffalo Bill's "Wild West" is a troop of South American "Gauchos" from the Argentine pampas. These picturesque-looking, gaily-dressed, semi-Spanish horsemen sit their animals like veritable centaurs, and in the ability to cope with wild horses and "buckers" are equal to the smartest of Colonel Cody's cowboys. It is a novel sight to witness these gauchos lasso and then subdue and ride the most unmanageable steeds. They throw the bolas—a missile of hide thongs, [drawings] "WILD WEST" SKETCHES: 1. Cossack Fancy Riding. 2. Picking up a Handkerchief. 3. Gauchos Riding a "Bucker." 4. Throwing the Bolas.   each ending in an iron ball—with wonderful skill, and it is easy to see that the animal struck by one of these weapons would be at once so entangled as to be rendered helpless. Colonel Cody is very proud of the way in which his company performed before the Queen at Windsor last Saturday, when Mr. Nat Salsbury (his partner) and Major John Burke also had the honour of being presented to her Majesty, Mr. Salsbury remaining with the Royal party to explain the various items of the performances, in which the Queen appeared greatly interested.

Title: "The Wild West"

Periodical: Cape Argus

Source: McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody Collection, MS6, MS6.3778.132.09 (1892 London)

Date: July 2, 1892

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  Title: Untitled [The latest addition to the constantly increasing number of clever horsemen of all nations] |

  Periodical: Kettering Leader

Topics: Congress of Rough Riders

Keywords: Bolas Clothing and dress Cowboys Drawings and graphics Ethnic costume Exhibitions Gauchos Historical reenactments Horsemen and horsewomen Lasso Scrapbooks Traveling exhibitions Wild horses Windsor Castle

People: Burke, John M., 1842-1917 Salsbury, Nathan, 1846-1902

Places: Earl's Court (London, England) London (England) Pampas (Argentina)

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