Title: Private Presentation of Buffalo Bill Pictures

Periodical: The Moving Picture World

Date: February 7, 1914

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Private Presentation of "Buffalo Bill" Pictures.

On Wednesday, January 21, United States army officers stationed in Chicago were given a private view of the moving pictures taken last October at Pine Ridge, S. D., when several thousand soldiers of the regular army and a large body of Indians took part in reproductions of the Indian wars of 1876 and the war of the Messiahs in 1890 and 1891. Others present were: "Buffalo Bill" (Col. William F. Cody), Gen. Nelson A. Miles, Gen. Charles King, and others who participated in the conflicts with the Indians before the camera.

The exhibition was given in the private exhibition room of the Essanay Co., First National Bank Building, and occupied two hours. It was impossible to show the entire film in the time at disposal.

Among those invited, in addition to those already mentioned, were: Gen. Baldwin, Gen. Wheaton, Gen. Stuart, Col. Schunk, Col. Baker, Col. Kingsbury, Col. McCarthy, Col. Kimball, Col. McDonald, Maj. Ray and Capt. Billinsleg.

One of the pictures that deeply impressed the army officers was a reproduction of the battle of the Badlands. The battle of Wounded Knee also aroused the interest of the party. Pictures in which the government officials are said to be specially interested are those showing the Indian schools, where the Indian boys and girls, whose fathers participated in the many wars, are now busily engaged in study. The battle of War Bonnet Creek was vivid, Col. Cody and Gen. King both being participants.

The pictures will be taken to Washington, in the near future, where they will be given a private presentation before President Wilson, members of his cabinet, and others.