Title: "Gath's" Visit to Buffalo Bill

Periodical: Columbus Daily Enquirer

Date: October 6, 1887

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"Gath's" Visit to Buffalo Bill. [1]

About Buffalo Bill's entertainment exist the strongest feelings of nationality. Cody himself considers that he is to some extent an American officer. Texas Cowboys are as patriotic as Sioux Indians from Wyoming. Buffalo Bill has but little trouble to get along here, as he is thoroughly simple in his intentions; but he expressed some pain at something published in an American newspaper which made it appear that he was guying some of the English princes. Said he: "I would not guy these men for anything in the world, as they have treated me with wonderful consideration, and I do not believe that it is a proper thing to play any practical joke on a well meaning man."

"Oh, I understand that this show costs $2,000 a week; it may be $2,000 a day—it is one or the other. But I did not like to inquire too minutely into the finances of the exhibition. Salisbury and Bill have their treasurer, who is an exact and painstaking man. The show seemed to me to be far better than it was in America. This may be because they have so much larger and better rounds to perform in, and the riding is excellent. Most of the feats, such as shooting by the women, are exceedingly well done. A good many of the British people think that the bucking horses are trained to buck in sight of the audience; but this is a mistake, for when I went to the stables Jack Burke [2] held me back. 'If you go in there,' said he, 'you may get your brains kicked out. (There is no calculating on those horses at all.'"—"Gath" in Cincinnati Enquirer.

Note 1: "Gath" is the pen name used by George Alfred Townsend (1841-1914), a noted war correspondent during the American Civil War who later became an American novelist. [back]

Note 2: Jack Burke is likely a cowboy or horse handler in Buffalo Bill's Wild West but is not further identified. [back]

Title: "Gath's" Visit to Buffalo Bill

Periodical: Columbus Daily Enquirer

Date: October 6, 1887

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  Periodical: Wichita Eagle

  Date: November 24, 1887

Topics: Buffalo Bill's Wild West in Britain

Keywords: American Indians Buffalo Bill's Wild West Company Horsemanship Horses Nationalism Nobility Sharpshooters Shooting Sioux Nation Western horses Women

People: Salsbury, Nathan, 1846-1902 Townsend, George Alfred, 1841-1914

Place: Wyoming

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