Title: Buffalo Bill's "Wild West"

Periodical: Dumfries & Galloway Standard

Date: November 21, 1891

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BUFFALO BILL'S "WILD WEST."—The great exhibition organised by Colonel Cody, ex-Chief of the Scouts of the United States Army, best known by his soubriquet of "Buffalo Bill," is exciting great interest in Glasgow and attracting immense crowds of spectators. Highly realistic representations are given of various phases of life among the Red Indians, the incidents depicted including the slaughter of General Custer's cavalry, a prairie fire, and a tornado. The large company of Indians engaged includes some notable figures, among others "Kicking Bear," who took part in the massacre of Custer's Troops, "Short Bull," "No Neck," "Lone Bull," and others who figured in the recent rising. Remarkable fears of horsemanship are performed by the typical cow-boys. Buffalo Bill's own feats of agility and precision are among the leading attractions, and several members of the company exhibit an extraordinary degree of skill in the use of fire-arms. The more domestic side of the Red Indian's life is also illustrated in a very interesting manner; and special scenery heightens the realistic character of the display. There is accommodation for about seven thousand spectators.