Title: Death of a "Wild West" Indian Chief

Periodical: Illustrated Police News

Date: June 25, 1892

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THERE has just been buried at Brompton Cemetery a veteran Oyallala Sioux Indain, named Long Wolf, who died at St. George's Hospital of old age. He was the oldest Indian in the camp of Buffalo Bill's "Wild West," and had seen much active service in the real Wild West of America. Dr. Coffin, the medical attendant to the camp and Horticultural Exhibition, says he was covered with gunshot wounds and sabre cuts. His last military experience was in the late Sioux war. it is not generally known that among the Indians who take part in the performances of the "Wild West" are eleven prisoners of war, who were released upon the understanding that they were to leave the country under custody of Col. Cody, and his partner, Mr. Nate Salsbury. One of the prisoners is a woman. The horses for the use of the South American Gauchos, who will shortly take part in the equestrian performances of the arena, have just arrived from Buenos Ayres, under care of Mr. Daniel Kingsland, a well-known horse agent. They were brought from the interior of the country, about two hundred leagues from Buenos Ayres, and the voyage to London lasted forty days.

Title: Death of a "Wild West" Indian Chief

Periodical: Illustrated Police News

Source: McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody Collection, MS6, MS6.3778.060.03 (1892 London)

Date: June 25, 1892

Topics: Lakota Performers

Keywords: American Indians Atlantic crossings Burial Drawings and graphics Exhibitions Horses Indian women Indians of North America--Wars Indians of North America Oglala Indians Prisoners Scrapbooks Sioux Nation Traveling exhibitions Wounds and injuries

People: Long Wolf, 1833?-1892 Salsbury, Nathan, 1846-1902

Places: Brompton Cemetery (London, England) Buenos Aires (Argentina) Earl's Court (London, England) London (England)

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