Title: Buffalo Bill's Show | He Will Be in Baltimore Monday and Tuesday of Next Week

Periodical: The Sun

Date: April 15, 1899

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He Will Be In Baltimore Monday And Tuesday Of Next Week.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and Congress of Rough Riders will be in Baltimore Monday and Tuesday.

The main features which have gone to make up the show in past seasons have been retained, but in addition there is much that is entirely new. Among the new features are typical horsemen from Hawaii, Flilpino warriors and a detachment from the famous Roosevelt Rough Riders, who will be seen as they appeared during their memorable Cuban campaign. The fight at San Juan will be presented and enacted by men who were there and fought, showing an accurate and realistic reproduction of the Spanish fortifications, the field of action and the march and bivouac preceding the fight, with the heroic Rough Riders and horses from Roosevelt's command reenacting the valorous deeds. Johnny Baker and Annie Oakley will be seen in their remarkable exhibition of marksmanship. The United States Artillery detachment will give an idea of action in field with cannon.

The different types of harsemanship are revealed in the Congress of Rough Riders, and is made a special feature of the exhibition, serving to bring out the styles of riding of different nations. The American cavalry will give their marvelous feats of horsemanship and engage in spirited rivalry with representatives from the armies of England, Germany and Russia; the Arabs will astound with their dare-devil riding; the cowboys ride bucking bronchos, and the Mexicans amaze by their facile use of the lasso. Colonel Cody will be seen in the saddle at every performance and demonstrate his skill with the rifle.