Title: Warriors of All Nations | A Military Masterpiece Enacted by Real Soldiers

Periodical: Wilkes-Barre Times

Date: May 6, 1899

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A Military Masterpiece Enacted by Real Soldiers

Buffalo Bill and his large organization, composed of the Rough Riders of the world, will be at West Side Park May 19, and on the morning of the exhibition a grand street cavalcade of all the famous horsemen of the new and old world will march through the different streets of the city. This free parade introduces all the warriors from the different nations and is headed by the famous cowboy band. Every person participating is a genuine representative. Six hundred of them are required.

Col. Cody is a welcome visitor here and every year he has many new features added to his exhibition and everyone of them is of an instructive character and of interest to both young and old. For the first time there will appear a contingent of the residents of the Philippine Islands who are experts on horseback, also some of the queer characters from the recently annexed Hawaiian Islands who not only perform feats in equestrianism but also introduce through the female representatives the unique and astonishing religious dances as they are performed in their country when the occasion requires, Cubans who have served in the last war and who come here with visible marks they have received in the different encounters, Porto Ricans who illustrate their native style of riding, Italians, cowboys, German and English Cavalrymen, Cossacks, Arabs, Gauchos, Mexicans and others.

A military masterpiece entitled the charge on San Juan hill will be shown for the first time. This is made as nearly realistic as it is possible in the limited area. The management have spared neither time nor expense to make this the greatest effort of their history and have gone so far as to engage a detachment of Roosevelt's Rough Riders who were participants in this heroic event.

Title: Warriors of All Nations | A Military Masterpiece Enacted by Real Soldiers

Periodical: Wilkes-Barre Times

Date: May 6, 1899

Topic: Congress of Rough Riders

Keywords: Arabs Band music Bands (Music) Cavalry Cossacks Cubans Dance Filipinos Gauchos Hawaiians Historical reenactments Horsemanship Horsemen Hula (Dance) Italians Mexicans Military campaigns Parades Puerto Ricans San Juan Hill, Battle of, Cuba, 1898 Spanish-American War, 1898 Traveling exhibitions United States. Army. Volunteer Cavalry, 1st

People: Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Places: Germany Great Britain Hawaii Italy Philippines Wilkes-Barre (Pa.)

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