Title: The Real Heroes Of the Late War Will Visit This City on Friday

Periodical: Wilkes-Barre Times

Date: May 15, 1899

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Of the Late War Will Visit This City on Friday.

The men who went up the hill at El Caney with Governor Col. "Teddy" Roosevelt, are dear to the hearts of the American people—of all the people, irrespective of politics or creed and of those the public will have for the first time a sight, and a chance for recognition, at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, which is to exhibit in this city on Friday, May 10.

A realistic representation of the [illustration] UNITED STATES ARTILLERY. charge up San Juan Hill will be the most conspicuous feature of the entertainment and it will be presented by men who made the charge Among these will be Tom Isbel, the Rough Rider, who, to quote the words of Edward Marshall, the war correspondent, who was seriously wounded at the time, "fired the first shot; a shot which was destined like the first shot at Lexington in 1776, to be a shot which reverberated 'around the world.'"

As Mr. Marshall says, "Tom Isbel saw a Spaniard and cheerfully killed him," an example which was followed by more than one of his comrades. Before seven shots were fired Captain Capron was killed, probably within five minutes. Others who will appear in this historic drama are Sergeant Gerald A. Webb, Walter A. Cook and other well known participants in the fight which they will so graphically reproduce.

The equestrian exhibition will be the most remarkable ever seen, comprising as it does the whole gamut of national horsemanship. The Cossack will ride in the breezy way peculiar to his country and clime and this Cossack riding will be at once reproduced and duplicated by the American cavalryman and American cowboy.

The new provinces of the United States will also be represented by the Hawaiian riders who will present their insular ideas of horsemanship for the first time in contrast with the Rough Riders of the world. There will also be riders from Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines, making the list absolutely complete and up-to-date.

The street parade which has been such a prominent feature for years, will occur on the morning of the exhibition, Friday, May 19.